Melanie Volz Selected to Publish in Yale Magazine

Wantagh High School’s Melanie Volz to publish in prestigious science journal

Wantagh High School senior Melanie Volz was selected as the winner of the 2020 Synapse and Yale Scientific Magazine scholarship contest. As a winner, Melanie will receive a $200 scholarship award, an exclusive one-on-one workshop with a Yale Scientific Magazine editor and a feature in the prestigious magazine. 

Her entry, “Why Society,?” answered the question presented by contest officials about how she envisions science should interact with society. In addition to referencing the confusion, doubt, fear, ethics and morals that determine whether or not individuals accept scientific concepts, Melanie clearly lays out her belief that the scientific community should become “more relatable with the public and explain concepts clearly.”  

Melanie wrote, “People should be able to have access to any proper evidence to help them formulate their beliefs. It’s difficult to have everyone to agree with every idea. Create. Help. Inspire. This is how science wants to interact with society.” 

In their acceptance letter to Melanie, the Yale University Synapse Board wrote, “Your essay offered a refreshing and insightful perspective on the interaction between science and society,” and “thank you for leading the next generation of advancement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.”  

The district congratulates Melanie on this outstanding academic achievement and much success in her career in the sciences.