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Instructional Committee

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Instructional Council for Student Learning, Curriculum & Classroom Environments

This instructional Council is tasked with working on the instructional goals contained in Pillars I and II of the strategic plan.

Sub-committees for this council will be as follows:

  • Elementary Curriculum Advisory Council
  • Secondary Curriculum Advisory Council
  • Exit Assessment Advisory Council
  • Classroom Learning Environment Advisory Council

The councils' focus will be on the creation of digital curriculum maps for all subject areas and grade levels, identification of research-based quality programming, and an well aligned and articulated scope and sequences for all grade levels and subject areas.

In addition, the council will begin the development of commencement level assessments in grades 5, 8 and 12. The curriculum and assessment development will focus on the skills of critical thinking, collaboration, research and presentation.

Finally, this committee will also focus on the development of a long-range plan for modernizing instructional spaces with furniture and technology that helps achieve the goals of fostering the same important skills of critical thinking, collaboration, research and presentation.


Committee Chairperson – Mrs. Carol Ann Winans

Committee Members: