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Emergency School Closing Information

Emergency School Closing Information

School Closings

When schools are closed in an emergency, or due to snow conditions, the following stations will broadcast school announcements:

  • WBAB (102.3 FM), WBLI (106.1 FM),
  • Fox 5/ WYNW, WINS (1010 AM), TV Channel 7.
  • Cable channel News 12 LI + FIOS 1

During winter months, walking and driving may become hazardous due to icy roads. Later, these hazardous conditions could disappear as the temperature rises. Under such circumstances, the Superintendent of Schools will delay the beginning of school for either one or two hours. In addition to the radio broadcasts, delayed operations will be announced on the district's website and a Connect-ED telephone call will be made to the telephone number(s) you have provided to your child/children's school(s). In case of a delayed opening, students should go to their bus stops one or two hours later, but faculty and staff should use the extra time to allow for slower travel time to school. In the event of severe weather conditions during the school day, the District may employ procedures practiced during December's Emergency Evacuation Drill.

In addition, please watch this site for updated information regarding emergency school closing information.

Wantagh Public Schools Transportation Office
3301 Beltagh Aveune
Wantagh, NY 11793
(516) 765-4155