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Mascot Information

Statement from the Wantagh Board of Education - September 29, 2023:

Earlier this year, in compliance with a directive from the New York State Education Department, the Board adopted a resolution to eliminate the use of all prohibited “indigenous names, logos, or mascots,” including use of the “Warrior” team name, while also maintaining the right to challenge that directive. This evening, the Board has agreed to file litigation against NYSED to continue using the “Warrior” nickname with rebranded imagery.

Through its own decision-making, NYSED has granted at least one district in New York State the opportunity to continue its use of the “Warrior” nickname and we are simply asking for equal consideration and opportunity.

The filing of this motion is in line with community feedback. Through a survey of 962 respondents, more than 88% of our school community have asked that we maintain at the very least our “Warrior” identity and almost three-quarters have requested we challenge the state’s decision. We fully believe that we can undergo a successful rebrand of the “Warrior” nickname and will continue to stand with our community in an effort to maintain that identity.