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Athletics Department


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Jennifer Keane, CAA
Director of Health, PE & Athletics

Roni Stevens
Secretary for Health, PE & Athletics

Office: 516-765-4230
Fax: 516-765-4239

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  • As spectators and participants, each of us - students, parents, teachers and administrators - have a responsibility to the athletic program of our school district.
  • We must extend to our guests - the officials, players, coaches and spectators of neighboring schools - the courtesy and sportsmanship that we wish to have extended to us during our visits as guests in their schools.
  • Our conduct at all athletic contests is a reflection of the Wantagh community, our educational system and ourselves.  It is, therefore, most important that our attitude be friendly toward our guests during their visits to Wantagh.
  • The athletes on each team practiced long and hard to prepare for their seasons.  They are trained to perform to the best of their ability and to represent their school and community in a sportsmanlike manner.
  • Booing or abusive language directed towards players, coaches or officials is a sign of poor sportsmanship.  Let us rather focus on encouragement and positive  cheering at all athletic contests.

Violators of this Code will be permanently ejected from the game and may extend to future games.

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