Fall STEAM Challenge

Fall STEAM Challenge

This fall, Forest Lake and Mandalay elementary school students sharpened their science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics skills through participation in the annual Family STEAM Challenge. Students normally participate in STEAM activities in the schools’ designated STEAM classrooms. Due to the pandemic, however, STEAM teacher Jamie Kanner and her students at both elementary schools have had to apply their individual creative skills, instead of working collaboratively. 

Using materials at home, the Mandalay Elementary students were instructed to use household materials to design and create monsters. The creations were scary, funny and utilitarian and peers were able to view the variety of designs by visiting a display in the school lobby. 

Mandalay Elementary School kindergarten students also had to think like a farmer as they designed a barn out of blocks, straws and popsicle sticks. They planned out their designs on paper before testing their structures to see whether their designs held enough space for water, food and animals. 

First grade students at Forest Lake Elementary School investigated how sound waves travel. The student-scientists designed and created cup phones, testing their creations to see if they could hear each other on the other end.    

Second graders at both Mandalay and Forest Lake elementary schools also studied the engineer design process. After researching different kind of hats, they independently designed, problem-solved and created their own decorative hats. The best part of the assignment was wearing their hats throughout the school day.