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It was not an ordinary day at Forest Lake Elementary as Nassau County Police Department swat cars and motorcade vehicles drove onto the playground in front of the student body on Oct. 30. Instead of gasps of surprise, the police received only ear-deafening cheers as they — dressed as superheroes — jumped one-by-one out of the swat vehicles and high-fived the students.  

Cops, Coffee and Treats is held annually to promote a safe Halloween. Forest Lake Elementary School was one of two elementary schools who were visited this year, and the goal was to make an indelible impression about being safe during trick-or-treating.

NCPD Commissioner Patrick Ryder said, “It’s all about community relations and child safety and letting the students know that the cops are looking out for them.”

During the event, Commissioner Rider told the students not to speak to strangers, get in unknown cars, to have parents check their candy and to stay on sidewalks. The police also handed out frisbees and trick-or-treating sacks to collect candy.