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The Wantagh Middle School Honor Society inducted 118 new members who have displayed excellence in the areas of character, leadership, community service and scholarship. During the ceremony held in the high school auditorium on May 16, each of the inductees was also recognized as a recipient of the President’s Award for outstanding academic excellence.

Principal Dawn Matrochano congratulated the students on the choices and decisions they have made during their school tenure. “What you did to get to this point is the real honor,” she said. “Each characteristic is the sum of many decisions. Continue to be the best ‘you’ you can be.”

In addition to jazz band musical interludes, under the baton of Nathan Brinkman, Julianna Rose and Aidan Schroh addressed their peers about the last three years at the middle school, as well as what to expect moving on to high school. Julianna said the students will “continue to write their own stories,” while Aidan noted that his peers have the ability to shape their own futures. Wantagh High School National Honor Society Co-Presidents Michael Hennig and Kyleigh Watson defined what the pillars of character, leadership, community service and scholarship mean to them.

After the inductees recited the honor society pledge, they each received a certificate and pin to mark their society membership.