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STEAM teacher Kaitlin Humphrey has been putting her technology and engineering skills into real-life practice by assisting with the production of needed face masks for Stony Brook University health care personnel. Last week, Ms. Humphrey secured 3D printers from the district and the templates for essential mask parts, so that SBU volunteers can assemble and distribute the supplies to medical workers to protect them from the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. 

The coronavirus hit close to home for Ms. Humphrey’s family. Her mother is an emergency department nurse at Huntington Hospital and her father was tasked with managing the construction of a temporary field hospital at State University New York at Old Westbury. 

“We (the district) have the technology, so why not put it to good use? It’s doing no good sitting in a locked down school,” Ms. Humphrey said. “It’s the least I can do to support everyone outside of my bubble.”

Ms. Humphrey acquired the template from SBU iCreate Director and informational technology professional David Ecker, whose goal was to meet the need of 5,000 masks by working with Suffolk County libraries and schools. In addition to printing the plastic parts, supplies used are ¾ inch elastic, ½ foam, weather seal, report covers and a one hole punch.