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During the Feb. 10 Board of Education meeting, the Wantagh School District accepted and announced the retirement of several longstanding faculty and staff. Superintendent of Schools John McNamara wished the retirees health and happiness in their retirement and thanked them for their many years of dedicated service to the district’s students.

Board President Liz Guber also thanked the retirees and said, “You have had a tremendous impact on our community.”

The district thanks the following individuals on their service to the Wantagh community:


Carolyn Breivogel – principal – Wantagh High School – 31 years

James Brown – assistant principal – Wantagh High School – 30 years

Patricia Calosso – Director of World Language, Business and ENL – 30 years



Margie Ankeles – elementary teacher – 25 years

Kathleen Bopp – elementary teacher – 35 years

Stanly Bujacich – physical education teacher – 38 years

Stephanie Furey – special education teacher – 27 years

Barbara Kearney – Family and Consumer Sciences teacher – 25 years

Dr. Roberta Kupietz – psychologist and data coordinator – 40 years

Sheila LaLima – librarian – 30 years

Lauren Ostrow – Family and Consumer Sciences teacher – 34 years



Joyce Stottler – senior personnel clerk – 18 years

Donna Sullivan – physical therapist – 14 years


Photo caption: (Front, l-r) Margie Ankeles, Donna Sullivan, Pat Calosso, James Brown and Carolyn Breivogel were honored for their impending retirement by Central Administration and the Board of Education on Feb. 12.

Retirees 2020

Photo courtesy of the Wantagh School District