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District students read to one another or listened to a variety of fiction and nonfiction pieces read by faculty and administrators during annual World Read Aloud Day on Feb. 5.

World Read Aloud Day encourages people throughout the world to read aloud together and share stories to advocate for literature and the written word. According to Director of Humanities and Literacy Ryan Aliperti, the vision for this program was for every Wantagh student in grades K-12 to participate as a listener in the read-aloud experience.

“Participating in read-alouds not only fosters a love of written language when sharing in the experience of a common story, “Ms. Aliperti  said, “but doing so also enables people to indulge in listening to the written word being spoken.”

 In addition to traditional reading, high school students utilized Google Meet to read to first graders. This video conferencing platform allowed older students to read aloud to the younger students through the use of technology. The high school students also took the opportunity to shadow elementary school teachers and brought a book that had significant meaning for them to read to the younger students. Even Wantagh Public Librarian Susan Finck joined in the activities at Wantagh Elementary School.  

Secondary Director of English Language Arts and Reading Julie Rosslee said, “Participation in World Read Aloud Day was an opportunity for all students, no matter grade level, to hear the written word spoken so they, too, can cherish all types of literature.”