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Seniors Olivia Vinson and Morgan Flaherty were first and second place winners, respectively, in the New York Coalition for Transportation Safety’s Pedestrian Video Scholarship Competition. Olivia received a $2,000 scholarship while Morgan received a $1,000 scholarship. 

According to Walk Safe Long Island, Hempstead Town leads in the highest number of pedestrian accidents in upstate New York and Long Island. The Pedestrian Education Video Scholarship Competition asked participants to create a short video that demonstrates one or more pedestrian safety laws, with the winning videos being used to spread and educate Long Islanders on pedestrian and transportation safety.

Olivia used iMovie software to create a video featuring a teenage girl being struck by a car as a result of her inattention and texting while crossing the street. The video also includes pedestrian safety tips, such as abiding by safety lights at local crosswalks and yielding to cars if not utilizing a crosswalk.

Morgan’s video showcased statistics that pedestrian deaths have soared by 39% in the past decade. The video encourages pedestrians to wear bright-colored clothing, to always use the sidewalk and to make eye contact with drivers when crossing the street.  

The district congratulates Olivia and Morgan on this outstanding accomplishment.

Wantagh Pedestrian Award