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Wantagh School District faculty and support staff greeted each other in the high school auditorium on Superintendent’s Conference Day, held on Aug. 28, in preparation for the new school year. Keeping with Wantagh tradition, the morning’s opening ceremony included local and state representatives and community organization leaders invited to join the official opening of the 2019-2020 school year. 

Prior to the teachers’ scheduled department meetings in their home schools, Superintendent of Schools John C. McNamara addressed the challenges the district overcame in the previous school year and the goals set forth in the district’s strategic plan. He also noted that the latest educational research points to teacher efficacy as the most important influence in student growth, a major component of the strategic plan. 

“I know from our survey work that we have a staff that believes in our students and the support of the colleagues,” Mr. McNamara said. “I know that when it comes to student achievement that we have an outstanding foundation in place to achieve all of our goals.”