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The district’s elementary schools were a sea of red, white and blue as Forest Lake, Mandalay and Wantagh elementary school students celebrated Flag Day on June 14. Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the American flag in 1777 by resolution of the Second Continental Congress and is a time to reflect on the importance of this patriotic symbol.

At each of the schools, there were patriotic speeches and performances by bands and choruses, as well as the raising of the flag on the schools’ flagpoles. At Wantagh Elementary School, students Charlotte Odell, Madeline Odell and Catherine Odell, all three winners of the school’s essay contest, read their individual thoughts about “What Wantagh Means to Me.”

In addition to celebrating the flag, Wantagh Elementary School students celebrated the 70th birthday of their school. First grader Salem Riahi was the winning T-shirt designer of the official birthday T-shirt worn by faculty, staff and many students. There were also 30 alumni in attendance, who received flowers from select students, took a walking tour of the building and paused for a photo in front of the school. During the Flag Day ceremony, the alumni joined in as everyone sang the 70th Birthday Song, printed on the back of the official T-shirt.