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For the second consecutive year, the Anti-Defamation League has recognized Wantagh Middle School as one of the nation’s 1,600 No Place for Hate schools. This prestigious designation was accomplished through the sponsorship of activities that promote acceptance, tolerance and kindness on campus and by sending a clear message throughout the school that all students have a place to belong.

In order to be considered a No Place for Hate school, the school must complete a needs assessment, form a No Place for Hate committee, sign a Resolution of Respect and design and implement at least three schoolwide anti-bias or antibullying prevention activities. Under the direction of Upstanders Club advisers Kristin Piciullo and Christine Hult, the club spearheaded an activity in which classrooms decorated their doors with kindness quotes.

Ms. Piciullo said, “Not only did the doors brighten up the school and allow for creativity, it helped the school to work on a common goal to promote kindness.”

The Upstanders Club held a Random Acts of Kindness Impact Card Day. Stations throughout the building held folders filled with cards with quotes about how to make an impact and to promote kindness. The students were encouraged to pick a card, read it and then sign their initials.

One additional event included Spread the Word Day. During the students’ advisory periods, discussions were held about inclusivity and the negative implications of unkind words.

“We are making our students accountable and having conversations about topics which are not always comfortable,” Ms. Piciullo said.