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During a fun-filled evening of creativity, Wantagh Elementary School students and their families explored the various science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics activities showcased during the school’s annual Makerspace Fair.

As part of the district’s STEAM curriculum, Makerspace brings students together in a designated space to design and create so they can discover, invent and understand principles through hands-on learning.

“The goal of the evening was to showcase activities that allowed students in grades K-5 to create, invent, explore and tinker,” Principal Dr. Randee Bonagura explained.

Participants explored 20 craft tables manned by Wantagh High School Science Honor Society students, PTA parents and teachers. There was a designated space to build with Legos, and the school cafeteria provided space for students to explore technological gadgets and robots like Cubelets and Ozobots, to code with Chromebooks and to move ReconRobots through mazes.