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Wantagh High School sophomore Melanie Volz entered her project, “Fibonacci Numbers and DNA,” into the Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair, held at Hofstra University on March 1. Although a strong topic, Melanie’s project did not win an award. However, she was recognized for her hard work and creativity.  

Sponsored by Hofstra University, the Suffolk County and Nassau County Mathematics Teachers Associations and the Nassau Association of Mathematics Supervisors, the Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair provides talented student-mathematicians the opportunity to explore topics outside the realm of ordinary mathematics study and to apply their knowledge to original mathematics concepts.

Melanie researched how Fibonacci numbers can be applied to DNA sequencing. Fibonacci numbers are numbers that form a sequence, such that each number is the sum of two preceding numbers.

This past fall, Melanie was named one of 83 Long Island Scholars of Mathematics by the Institute of Creative Problem Solving for Gifted and Talented Students at SUNY Old Westbury. Selection placed Melanie in the top one-tenth of 1 percent of math students in the grade across Long Island.

The district congratulates Melanie on her academic accomplishment and continued success on her mathematics research.


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