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The photographic works of 20 of the high school’s finest photographers, under the direction of teacher Patricia Beary, were displayed alongside other professional artists in the Explorations in Pinhole Photography Exhibit, held at the Long Island Children’s Museum’s KaleidoZone Gallery from July 31 to Labor Day.   

Today, pinhole photography is an art form used by artists to show time and motion. Before the camera, photographers used the camera obscura, a dark box with a pinhole to let in light. The light left an image on light-sensitive paper that became visible through the use of chemicals.

Student artists who exhibited their pinhole works of art include Alyssa Albanese, Aimee Ambrosio, Zach Baruch, Grace Buscemi, Kayley Butcher, Sarah Cashton, Charlotte Coleman, Olivia Cruz, Allison Davis, Brianna Derham, Catherine Desiderio, Hannah Eschmann, Sabrina LoCascio, Megan Lucey, Cristina Paier, Grace Riddle, Leah Stavridis, Kaitlin Steingruebner, Hannah Watson and Megan Wojcik.

The district congratulates the students on this outstanding achievement.