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The district welcomed new faculty during the annual New Teacher Orientation Program held on Aug. 22-27.

Superintendent of Schools John McNamara and Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Dr. Marc Ferris introduced the new faculty to administrators, who discussed the district’s programs and policies, technology, benefits, expectations and more. McNamara urged the teachers to remember why they decided on a path of education. He also encouraged them to make connections with students and to take advantage of the Wantagh community’s ample opportunities.

“Hopefully, this is a start of a long career in Wantagh,” McNamara said. “Everyone here is invested in your success.”

During his introduction, Dr. Ferris focused on the essential questions of how to maximize instruction, define teacher success and align personal values with teaching practices. He noted that every interaction a teacher has with a student affects them in some way.

“Engage students and embrace them,” he said.

The district welcomes the following faculty:

High School: Nicole Braithwaite, social Worker; Maria Jones, psychologist; Justine Lebedz, world languages; Kevin Racaniello, social studies, Michael Roveto, science; John Sotiriadis, science

Middle School: Zerin Bay, English; Michelle Brennan, reading; Victoria Dempsey, English; Courtney Eisenzapf, educational communications, Courtney Miller, music; Amy Smith, speech

Wantagh Elementary: Rachel Amper, special education; Sharon Bogolubov, art;

Samantha Giorgio, music; Donna Shulman, guidance counselor; Kathlene Tundo, elementary education

Forest Lake: Leova Manbhat, school media specialist

Mandalay: Samantha Bausert, psychologist; Robyn Pastuch, physical education