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High school and middle school students immersed themselves in foreign language study and world culture during World Language Week from March 8-13. Each day, students had the opportunity to attend and participate in language-based activities to hone language skills and to show appreciation for one another’s cultures.

“World language study is an opportunity to heighten and foster social responsibility and a better understanding of global issues,” Supervisor of Business Education and Foreign Language Pat Calosso said.

At the high school, students attended a workshop on Latin Dance, a Spanish cultural symposium and Chinese presentations. Students enrolled in College-level French, French 4 Honors and Foreign and Gourmet Food baked baguettes and made ratatouille. At the middle school, students held an “art museum,” where they showcased and discussed their favorite artwork from around the world, and talent show. There were also opportunities to listen to music and to watch foreign films.

The week commenced with the induction of 81 high school and 101 middle school foreign language study students into the World Language Honor Society.