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Forest Lake, Mandalay and Wantagh elementary school students celebrated the first 100 days of school with various English language arts, mathematics and art activities.  

In Sarah Danziger’s kindergarten class at Wantagh Elementary School, students painted 100 gumballs on paper gumball machines, built a structure using 100 plastic cups, finished activities in a 100-Day Book, and dressed as 100-year-old people. Christina Basedow’s kindergartners made bird feeders by placing 100 Cheerios on a string. First-grade students participated in a 100-Day word search, wrote about what it would be like to live to be 100 years old, and charted the distance of 100 steps.

Many of the kindergarten through fifth-grade classes celebrated the momentous occasion by decorating T-shirts with 100 of their favorite items.