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The fourth annual TechDay was held at Wantagh High School on Jan. 7, during which more than 120 district students in grades 5-12 expanded their knowledge of game design and programming, and web and mobile development. The goal of the event was to introduce and expand the students’ knowledge of computer science, a field expected to grow rapidly during the next decade.  

TechDay co-founder, district alumnus, and current Board of Education member, Peter Mountanos, explained that the goal of the TechDay team, comprised of district alumni, was to assist students in understanding the basic notions of how computers work and how they can be used. “Beyond just giving students a useful tool, we hoped to cultivate the joy and enthusiasm we ourselves feel for this rewarding approach to problem-solving,” he said.  

Separated into small classes based on experience level, students learned web development by using HTML, CSS and JavaScript and built their own websites, which they can continue to work on. They also utilized Scratch and Python, the basics of coding, to make computer games and built their own Android project by remaking the popular app.   

“Students who attended TechDay advanced their knowledge of existing and emerging computer technologies, making them better equipped for the future,” said Penny Curry, the district’s director of information systems and instructional technology.