College Scholarships Bulletin

Scholarships & Awards for 2021-22

(more to be posted when available)

Liberty Utilities Scholarship Application                                       Submit to counselor by 4/11/22

BP Community Scholarship Program; Flyer                                                              Deadline 3/25/22

Italian American Women's Center Scholarship                                                       Deadline 4/26/22

23rd Annual Julie Peierls Scholarship; Application                                               Deadline 6/1/22

Island Federal Credit Union Scholarship; Application                                         Deadline 4/22/22

Owen B. Walsh WE CARE Scholarship Application                                               Deadline 5/2/22

SAANYS Retiree Scholarship;                                                                                          Deadline 4/17/22                          Frequently Asked Questions

Long Island Family & Consumer Science Scholarship                                          Deadline: May 2022

PB&J Foundation Scholarship                                                                                          Deadline 5/31/22

Suffolk County Community College Foundation Scholarships                        Varying Deadlines

Nassau Community College Foundation Excellence Scholarship; Application                         Deadline 5/2/22           (interested students should speak with their counselor)

Student-View Scholarship Program                                                                             Deadline 4/23/22

Gerald J. Buckenmeyer FASNY Volunteer Scholarship Program; Flyer       Deadline 3/15/22

New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal (NYSIR) Scholarships                       Deadline 3/18/22

Adventureland Helping Hands Foundation                                                                 Deadline 6/30/22

The 2022 Honorable Peter Fox Cohalan Scholarship in American History         Deadline 3/21/22

Order Sons & Daughters of Italy in America - La Bella Lingua Award                   Deadline 3/20/22

Collegeboard PSAT/NMSQT Scholarship Partners & Programs                                                              (Check for approaching deadlines)

(For Juniors) The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans          Deadline 3/15/22

Island Christian Church - The American Heritage Scholarship; Application     Deadline: 2/26/22

Ocean Financial FCU - Patrick McNeill Memorial Scholarship; Application     Deadline: 1/31/22

Skidmore College Filene Music Scholarship Competition                                         Deadline: 1/15/22 Newsletter for Nov - Dec 2021

Island Drafting  Technical Institute Scholarship

Bennington College Young Writers Awards Competition                                         Deadline: 11/1/2021



Scholarships & Awards for 2020-21

Nassau Community College Foundation Excellence Scholarship;  Application              Deadline: 6/15/21                        (interested students should speak with their counselor)

Wantagh SEPTA Scholarships & Awards 2021                                        Deadline: 3/26/21

Wantagh Dollars for Scholars 2021                                               Deadline 3/26/21 Newsletter for May - July 2021                                                                    

AIA Long Island 2021 Student Scholarship                                                 Deadline 5/21/21                        

Irish-Americans in Government 2021 ScholarshipApplication         Submit to counselor by 5/13/21 Newsletter for April - June 2021                                                     

New York American Water Scholarship Application                                     Submit to counselor 4/19/21

Adventureland Helping Hands Foundation                                                        Postmark Deadline: 6/18/21 Newsletter for March-May 2021                                                                                                                   

Italian Americans in Government Deadline: 7/18/21

Big I Tri-County - 2021 Scholarship Program Deadline: 3/22/21

Jovia Financial Credit Union: Jovia Family Scholarship Deadline: 5/1/21 Newsletter for March-May 2021                                                                 

The Gift of Sight, Order Sons of Italy in America 2021 Grant Application          Deadline: 3/31/21

Gerald J. Buckenmeyer FASNY Voulunteer Scholarship Program; Flyer            Deadline: 3/15/21

BP Community Scholarship Program; Flyer Deadline: 3/26/21

Student-View Scholarship Program                                                                       Deadline: 4/22/21 Newsletter for January-March 2021                                                       

New York Schools Insurance Reciprocal (NYSIR) Scholarships                        Deadline: 3/19/21 Newsletter for December-January 2021

SUNY Albany Freshman Awards

Island Drafting & Technical Institute Scholarship

Patrick McNeill Memorial Scholarship - OFFCA; Application                                       Postmark by: 1/20/21 Newsletter for October-December 2020                                                                                                  

Collegeboard Scholarship Partners & Programs                                                                                                                                         

Island Drafting & Technical Institute Scholarship                                                                                                                                       

Bennington College Young Writers Awards Competition                                           Deadline: 11/1/2020

2021 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards; Information Flyer                            Deadline: 11/10/2020



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