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June, 21, 2022: Friend of SEPTA Meeting at 7:30 pm in Wantagh Middle School Library

Join us to honor:

The Friend of Wantagh SEPTA Award Honorees: Heather Naughton & Heather Jones - Teachers: Wantagh High School (nominated by Mrs. Catherine Braun) Megan Musachio - Teacher: Wantagh High School (nominated by Mrs. Carolyn Rochel) Sarah Danzinger - Teacher: Wantagh Elementary (nominated by Mrs. Jill Janson Meinck) Emily Bogart - School Psychologist: Forest Lake Elementary (nominated by Mrs. Katie Matthies) Tammy Torres - Teacher Aide and Bus Matron: Forest Lake (nominated by Mrs. Belinda Rodriguez) Danielle Schiavetta - Teacher: Forest Lake (nominated by Marybeth Reynolds)

The Friend of SEPTA - Certificates of Appreciation Honorees:
Robert Humphreys - Head Custodian: Mandalay (nominated by Laura Megargel)
Greg Orio Yanes - Bus Driver: Mandalay (nominated by Laura Magargel)
Michelle Houlder - Bus Matron: Mandalay (nominated by Laura Megargel)
Alvin Cohen - Bus Driver: Mandalay (nominated by Laura Megargel)
Jared Bursky - Physical Education Teacher: Mandalay (nominated by Maria Maleganos)
Kara Desson - Teacher: Wantagh Middle School (nominated by Iris Klein)
"Officer Mike" - Security Guard: Mandalay (In Memoriam, nominated by Robert Humphreys)

NYS PTA SEPTA Honorary Lifetime Membership Award Honoree:
Gina Federico (nominated by Frank Muzio)



Research Study

Research being done by local Wantagh High School student Katherine Killian.

Please consider being part of the study.

"Hello! My name is Katherine Killian and I am a current Wantagh High School student. I am enrolled in a class called AP Research where I am conducting my own original study. My focused topic of inquiry is, "What influence does vestibular stimulation, in the form of swinging, have on the heart rate and behavior of children with an autism spectrum disorder in high-stimulus settings?" Due to COVID, I was unable to conduct this study at a sensory gym, so I turned to an alternative way to collect data online. The following form will explain the study, guide you through the procedure, and will ask you to record your child’s data. Anyone diagnosed with ASD and between the ages 5-14 can participate in this study. Please share with anyone that may be interested. If you have any questions feel free to contact me by email."

Email: [email protected]

Link to study:

Vecchio House Holiday Decorations

Thanks to Mallory Wilson for writing the article in the Herald about the Vecchio house holiday decorations! And thanks again and again to the Vecchio family for making Wantagh SEPTA the recipient of donations made from their holiday display!

 Upcoming 2021 - 2022 Meeting Dates:    

April 27, 2022: Joint budget meeting 

June, 21, 2022: Friend of SEPTA Meeting -- for Friend of SEPTA form and information, go to our Scholarships and Awards page.



Here is a Special Education presentation from the Wantagh School District PPS office to update us on new information and initiatives: 

View it here.