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    NoodleBib is an online citation generator that takes care of punctuation and helps you create a polished source list (Bibliography or Works Cited) that is correctly formatted and ready to print. By providing prompts and asking questions, NoodleBib makes it easier to correctly cite the sources you use for your research.  Additional assistance is provided by a user's guide and a collection of helpful articles.



    Turnitin is a plagiarism prevention service that allows students and instructors to compare papers against a database composed of millions of articles, books, Internet sites and previously submitted student papers. If a match is found, Turnitin displays the submitted paper and the sources from the Turnitin database that were used in that paper. The student quickstart guide will help you get started by walking you through an easy step-by-step process.



    A search engine is a program for the retrieval of data from a database or network, especially the Internet. A metasearch engine sends the same query to several search engines simultaneously and displays the results either according to their source or in a single combined results list. This webpage lists, describes and provides links to many of the most popular engines available for research.



    These pages, from New Mexico State University, include criteria and examples to help students effectively evaluate information found on the Internet. Also included are suggestions for teachers and a list of recommendations for further reading.
    This customized Google search engine was created to improve your results when searching for quality information about a controversial issue.  Please remember, however, to use the subscription databases as your first source of information.
    This customized Google search engine was created to improve your results when searching for information about and/or reviews of a consumer product, in particular for Ms. Tate's assignment.
    This search engine, designed especially for students, presents only credible, high-quality, and trustworthy Web sites..

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