Wantagh MS Photographers Love Where They Live

Wantagh Middle School Photographers

Through various photography assignments, Wantagh Middle School eighth grade digital photography students in Jaclyn Gentilesco’s class have observed objects from various perspectives and have learned to “love where they live,” capturing the unique treasures that lie within the community borders. The Wantagh Train Museum was the subject of a recent assignment in which students captured the lines, shapes, texture, value and space of a well-lit location and immortalized a popular landmark. The photographic compositions were recently hung for two weeks in Starbucks for community viewing. 

Ms. Gentilesco said the students were given the assignment to photograph the Wantagh Train Museum because it is a unique place that is rich in Wantagh history. “Celebrating the community is important to me as an educator,” Ms. Gentilesco said. “Encouraging students to look and see beauty where they live will promote the idea of ‘love where you live.’”   

Ms. Gentilesco noted that the museum offered opportunities for strong compositions and a rich contrast of materials to photograph. Additionally, the collection started a positive conversation with community members.