HS English and MS ELA Staff

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Julie Beth Rosslee

(Secondary Director of ELA, Reading, and Libraries)

Grades 9-12 English Department

Ms. Zerin Bay

Ms. Kathleen Flynn

Mr. David Garey

Ms. Alexandra Grange

Mr. John Hampson

Mr. Peter Kravitz

Ms. Alisa Lopera

Ms. Julie Magnuson

Ms. Heather Naughton

Ms. Tracy Nieves

Mr. Chris Rafferty

Grades 7 & 8 ELA Department

Ms. Zerin Bay

Ms. Kimberly Davis

Ms. Christine Hult

Ms. Kristin Piciullo

Ms. Anna Schiebelhuth

Grade 6 ELA Department

Ms. Valentina Gatti

Ms. Sharon Pilo

Grades 6-12 Reading Department

Ms. Michelle Brennan

Ms. Antoinette Bruno

Ms. Jill Chow

Ms. Bonnie Hersch

Ms. Jennifer Holden

Mr. Thomas Keegan

Ms. Christine Vonrekowsky