scrabble blocks 

     Mandalay’s Scrabble Club

    For: All 4th and 5th Grade Students

    When: Nov 2nd; Nov. 16th; Dec. 14th; Jan. 11th and Jan. 25th

    Starting: November 2nd

    Time: 8:20- 9:00 am

    Place: Room 12 and 13

    Teachers: Mrs. Burkhard and Mrs. Coners

    Purpose: To learn how to play Scrabble and have fun

                    with your friends.

    Please return this permission slip by October 24, 2018 to Mrs. Burkhard or Mrs. Coners.  You must turn in this slip in order to participate in the club.



    My child _________________ has permission to join Scrabble Club when Scrabble is offered.  


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    Parent Signature                       Date
    _______________________________ (CELL Phone # in case of emergency)
    Parent's email: ________________________________