Mr. Anthony F. Ciuffo, Jr.


    Forest Lake Principal


    Dear Families of the Forest Lake Community,

    The elementary years are the most critical in your child’s life, and I am excited to be to working collaboratively with our staff and with YOU to set the path towards success for every child who passes through our halls. 

    At Forest Lake, our focus is to to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of our students.  It is very important to me that we work together to not only prepare our students for the challenges of the Common Core Curriculum, but to continue to find ways to create meaningful and memorable experiences for our children.  I am sure you can recall a few key moments in your own elementary school career that you cherish dearly and reminisce about from time to time.  At Forest Lake, we strive to provide those same moments that children will remember for the rest of their lives.  A child who truly loves coming to school every day will ultimately find success along the way.  This year, we plan to continue to teach our students important life skills through our Book of the Month program, while introducing our young learners to the joys of reading good literature.   Our STEAM program continues to grow and we will once again be utilizing our Maker Space to help our students take their creativity and imagination to higher levels.  It is our hopes that we can continue to help and inspire students to explore those areas that they are most passionate about.  

    Our elementary leadership team is working hard to achieve some very specific goals this school year.  We will be implementing a new Math series, "Go Math," and we will be looking at ways to restructure our AIS program as well as our early literacy curriculum.  Our new elementary curriculum directors, Scott Jackson (STEAM) and Ryan Aliperti (Humanities) will be working closely with all instructional staff to reach these goals.  

    I will continue to get to know each student through our daily interactions as well as my “lunch bunch” groups in which your children have an opportunity to eat lunch with me and share their likes, dislikes, or whatever else they would like to discuss.  

    At Forest Lake, we will work very hard to nurture your children and help them achieve success on all levels.  Our continued partnership will ensure that your children succeed.  Remember that my door is always open and I look forward to continuing to build upon the many positive relationships we established last school year. I also welcome and look forward to meeting the many families that are new to Forest Lake this year.  You can always follow your children on Twitter @ForestLakeWSD.  It is through this avenue that we try to share some of the valuable learning that happens within these walls on a daily basis.  It is important that we model the appropriate and educational use of social media for our youngest students.  I hope you join us in setting the right example for them!

    We are once again about to embark on a journey complete with many joyous school memories.  I look forward to being a part of this journey with you and your children!  Should you have any question or concerns along the way, feel free to contact me at 516-679-6470 or through email at ciuffoa@wantaghschools.org.   

    Sincerely yours,

    Anthony F. Ciuffo, Jr.


    Forest Lake Elementary School