7th Grade ELA
    Mrs. Schiebelhuth
    Contact information:
     Students and Parents:  Please note, all graded assignments are posted on the portal.  
    The portal is updated on a regular basis:
    *45 % Tests/Quizzes/Projects
    *45 % Writing Assignments
    *10 % Student Engagement   

    -a charged Chromebook


    -books or any other texts needed


    -a binder with a folder that stays in the binder (with holes)
    -2 lined marble notebooks (to stay in the classroom)

    -pens/pencils/highlighters (daily)


    Extra Help:

    Extra help will be offered in room 420 unless otherwise noted.

    Days (Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday) and times (AM or PM) will be posted on a weekly basis in the classroom. 

    *If you are coming to extra help, please let me know you are coming, and what you need to review, so that I can be prepared to help you.



    -Go to classroom.google.com
    -Your username:  lastnamefirstinitial@wantaghschools.org
    -Your password: Password1 OR if you've changed it, it should be your ID#  

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    Learning is a treasure
    that will follow its owner everywhere.

    -Chinese Proverb