Dear Students and Parents,             October 2018 
           The PSAT will be given at Wantagh High School on Saturday October 13, 2018. If you have registered to take the PSAT, please arrive in the main lobby no later than 7:45AM. Bring your student ID card, two number 2 pencils, and a calculator. Look for your room assignment which will be posted on the Auditorium doors. Be aware that completing the preliminary content of the answer sheet can take up to 40 minutes. Dismissal for standard time rooms will be approximately 12:00PM.
          Attention Seniors: Be sure to submit your college applications online prior to handing in your Transcript Request Form. See your counselor with any questions. 
        8th graders: Those of you in Home and Careers 8 will work on the Career Exploration Unit with the Middle School Counselors. Before you know it, you will be in high school and the above paragraphs will pertain to you. Get started on that road by exploring colleges and majors in the Career Exploration unit.
       Elementary School parents: It is my pleasure to introduce Mrs. Donna Shulman to all of you. Mrs. Shulman brings a wealth of experience to our elementary school support team, and your child is likely to have already met her in their classrooms. If you or your child can use her assistance in navigating elementary school academically, socially or emotionally, please reach out to Mrs. Shulman. Her web page is on our links to the left of this message.


    Director of Guidance