• Welcome to Mrs. Prestianni's Guidance Page!
    I hope you all had a wonderful summer and wish you all a successful school year! 
    Mrs. Prestianni's 2017-18 Caseload:
    Grade 9 - Carr-E
    Grade 10 - Ch-F
    Grade 11 - D-H
    Grade 12 - Cr-Ka
    Important Tips for Being a Successful Student:
    • Go to bed at a decent time - the phone, the video games, the social media - it can all wait!  Nothing is more important than proper rest.
    • Take advantage of extra help - check with your teacher on Mondays to find out what days they will be having extra help after school as it can change on a weekly bassis.  Make a note during class or while you are doing homework about what topics are challenging you and ask your teacher to review those.
    • Get some fresh air...every single day.  Even a 10 minute brisk walk or bike ride can refresh your mind...yes, do this even during the winter! 
    • Get involved!  Join a club, a sport or create a study group.  They are a great way to meet students and a way to give back to your school and community.
    • Be uncomfortable. That's right!  Step out of your comfort zone and try new things - join a new club, explore new hobbies.
    • See your Guidance Counselor - make an appointment to check in with me - we can review what is working and what can be better or we can simply talk and catch up - I am here to help.