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    United States History and Government= 11th Grade
    Participation in Government = 12th Grade

    U.S. History and Government: This course examines the United States Constitution and the growth of American Democracy from colonial times to present day.  This is a NYS Regents level course.  Hence, there is a cumulative New York State Regents in June. 

    Participation in Government:  This is a half year course (semester) for seniors to fulfill half of the social studies component for graduation.  Participation in Government continues to explore the Constitution as a living document by researching current issues in politics, economics and social issues.  Stuents will gain a more enriched understanding of local, state and federal government applying current issues.    

    AP Psychology & College-Level Psychology
    11th and 12th graders
    AP Psychology is a year long, rigorous course that aims to explore the science of human behavior at an indepth and sophisticated level.  Additionaly the students will be preparing to take the AP exam in Psychology in May of their academic year. A student may recieve college credit as well as AP credentials when they succeed with a 3 or better on the AP exam in May (highest score is a 5).  AP is a prestigious designation and can be used as part of the AP diploma here at Wantagh H.S.
    College-level psychology is affiliated with Syracuse University's Project Advance Psychology program (SUPA). This is a semester course that is challenging in that the course of study is a broad landscape of what the discipline of psychology entails and is most suited to prepare a high school student for college level work.  Learning how to orgainze one's time to read college-level textbook material in a timely manner as well as completing challenging research projects and presenting material are all skills that the student will be exposed to which goes beyond learning psychological content.  If your child wants to challenge themselves and never has before this is a great step towards preparing for college.  A student may receive 3 college credits for this course.  An 85% average in both History and English is required for this course. A student must receive a 75% or better in the course for the 3 credits from Syracuse University.