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    March, 2019

     Dear Forest Lake Family,

     The book that I have chosen as our March Book of the Month is Not Quite NARWHAL, by Jessie Sima.

     “This is Kelp.  He doesn’t mind being a little different from the other narwhals.  But when a strong curent carries him away, Kelp encounters some mysterious, sparkling creatures who leave him wondering if maybe….just maybe…..he isn’t a NARWHAL at all!”

     This story is one that we hold near and dear to our heart here at Forest Lake.  It is a story of accepting everyone’s differences!  Once Kelp realizes who he actually is (a unicorn), he is immediately embraced by the unicorns and narwhals.  Both groups model easy acceptance despite Kelp’s inner conflict of where exactly he fits in.   It is my hope that this story can lead to valuable discussions about children’s own identity as well as acceptance of others.  Love and acceptance flow easily in this sparkly story filled with everyone’s favorites…..rainbows and unicorns! 

     Some discussion questions to consider when reading this story might include asking students if they ever feel that they are different from other people, if people seem to accept their differences, and if they accept differences in others.  It can be a true journey in self-discovery and self-acceptance!

     Happy reading!

     Anthony F. Ciuffo, Jr.

     Anthony F. Ciuffo, Jr.


    Forest Lake Elementary School