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    May 2019


    Dear Parents,


    The book that I have chosen as the book of the month for May is called Mixed, A Colorful Story, by Arree Chung.  


    “All special in their own ways, all living in harmony-until one day, a Red says, “Reds are the best!” and starts a color kerfuffle.  When the colors decide to separate, is there anything that can change their minds? A Yellow, a Blue, and a never-before-seen color might just save the day in this inspiring book about color, tolerance, and embracing differences.”


    Celebrating each other’s differences is something that we always strive to do at Forest Lake.  This book explores the topic of tolerance and discrimination in a fun, colorful, and kid friendly way. There are many ways adults can approach this book when reading with children and it is one that can be read and discussed at multiple age levels.  There is a simple lesson on primary and secondary colors imbedded into the more complex topic of acceptance, tolerance, and segregation. It explores a rather difficult topic in a fun and accessible manner and I am sure that it will make a positive impact on our school community.  


    I truly enjoyed reading this book and I hope that your children do as well!


    Happy Reading!


    Anthony F. Ciuffo, Jr.


    Forest Lake Elementary School