• Welcome to the Wantagh Art Department's

    Art Portfolio Development Club!

    Ms. Gallo, Advisor

    What should be in a portfolio  

    The Portfolio Club's mission is to offer guidance to students in developing their portfolios in preparation for college admission and/or AP submissions.** 

    It is highly recommended that art students begin preparing during their sophomore year of high school to develop drawing, painting, and design skills and in order to become proficient at all art media before beginning
    portfolio development in your junior year.


    Higher Education art schools and art programs require a range of works (normally 12 to 20 portfolio pieces) from high school applicants. Regardless of what your art major will be, all art schools require a portfolio consisting of observational pieces drawn from life and/or have a very specific list-style they require depending on the program you are interested in.   
    This is a student-driven process, please be sure to plan accordingly so you have ample time to prepare for your application deadlines. 


    In the portfolio club we aim to do the following:

    • Evaluate past artwork that has been created and offers advice regarding what pieces may be considered toward the portfolio. 

    • After the initial evaluation of past artwork, students will go over individual portfolio requirements  (depending on what programs they are applying to) and determine what they might still need to include. 

    • Gain advice and access to technology in order to photograph/scan work which may be uploaded to slide room, placed on a flash drive, or on a CD.  Some programs want digital photo books. 

    • Advising students regarding the written portion of portfolio requirements. 
      I.E. writing artist statements, labeling work, etc. 

    • General advising regarding art school programs, 'art student life', what to expect, etc. 

    • Lectures/visits from college art department reps.


    Our first meeting is on September 10th.

    After that, this is an 'open door' studio club-you may come during ex. help period on Tuesdays or Thursdays to work on your portfolios.
    Please let Ms. Gallo know if those days
    do not work and we can come up with other options. We meet in Room 208.


    **AP students are required to attend Portfolio Club at least twice a month to further prepare
    and scan work for AP portfolio submission.**