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    June, 2017

     Dear Forest Lake Community,

     The book that I have chosen as our June Book of the Month is called I Wish You More, by Amy Krause Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld.  This book, like so many of our past books of the month, is not your typical book which simply tells a story.  This book offers much more than just a story.  It offers endless good wishes in a creative and playful way. 

     I Wish You More is a collection of heartfelt, charmingly illustrated hopes for a child, each of which begins with the phrase “I wish you more….”  They are wishes that every parent and educator has for their children and students.  It is the perfect book to end this year’s collection of books and a fitting way to celebrate the end of the school year.   The illustrations help bring the words to life and each page in itself will spark endless conversation. 

     It is certainly one to read aloud to your most cherished loved ones.  I can’t help but get emotional when I read this book to my own children at home.   Whether it be my own children, our quickly maturing fifth graders who will soon be starting a new journey, our loving incoming kindergarten students, or any one of our students in between, I wish you all more ups than downs, more treasures than pockets, and more hugs than ughs!  I wish nothing but endless good wishes as long journeys end and new ones begin.  I also wish you all a wonderful summer as we close out another successful school year at Forest Lake!

     Happy Reading!

    Anthony F. Ciuffo, Jr.


    Forest Lake Elementary School