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    Ms. Aulicino, MA, CCC-SLP

    Wantagh Elementary School

    The Speech-Language Pathologist's role in the school:                                                                                                       
    - To evaluate, diagnose, and treat students with speech and language delays and disorders
    - Services may be provided in individual or small group sessions
    - Integration of speech-language goals with the academic curriculum 


    What are some speech and language disorders that affect school-aged children?
    Speech Sound (Articulation) Disorders: difficulty pronouncing sounds
    Language Disorders: difficulty understanding what they hear and/ or expressing themselves with words
    Cognitive- Communication Disorders: difficulty with thinking skills including perception, memory, awareness, reasoning, judgment, and imagination
    Fluency (Stuttering) Disorders: interruption of the flow of speech that may include hesitations, repetitions, or prolongations of sounds or words. 
    Voice Disorders: quality of voice that may include hoarseness, nasality, volume