An Extra Special Day at Forest Lake

An Extra Special Day at Forest Lake

Parents, grandparents, siblings and even babysitters were among the special guests at Forest Lake Elementary School on May 19 for VIP Day. The annual event allows students to invite in a special adult for a shared learning experience.

Each grade had a 45-minute time slot, and activities took place in the gymnasium. Children could also visit the adjacent Scholastic book fair with their guests. 

Kindergartners read books with their VIPs and also did a measurement activity. First graders and their guests explored 2D and 3D shapes. In second grade, students interviewed their VIPs and made jigsaw puzzles with six reasons why “I love you to pieces.” 

Second graders were also thrilled to share their recently published nonfiction books, which they made using Book Creator. The visitors could scan a QR code to access a digital version of each book. 

Third graders and their guests drew “VIP and Me” portraits and fourth graders played math games. In fifth grade, students dressed up as the subjects of their biography research projects and shared their recently completed reports.