Earth’s Protectors Get Started at Mandalay

Earth’s Protectors Get Started at Mandalay

To celebrate Earth Day, students at Mandalay Elementary School explored different ways they could help the environment. 

Fifth graders in Bridget Montario’s class have been immersed in an argument and advocacy reading unit. Using writing strategies and techniques from the books they read, students wrote about a local feature on Long Island they wanted to protect, such as the ocean, trees and wildlife. The idea was inspired by the Carole Lindstrom book, “We Are Water Protectors.”

Ms. Montario said students had to describe what they wanted to protect, why they wanted to protect it, and how that could be achieved. In addition to their argumentative essays, they also used Google Slides to make digital posters urging advocacy.

After reading an informational packet about environmental protection, third graders made their own earth mobiles. Attached to a paper planet were three hearts, in which students listed different ways to save the earth. 

Every kindergartner made an Earth Day craft with a planet, handprint, heart and a full sentence about a way her or she could help the planet. Popular solutions were recycling, cleaning up trash and conserving water.