Wantagh High School Raises Autism Awareness

Wantagh High School Raises Autism Awareness, Promotes Acceptance

Acceptance is the theme for Autism Awareness Month at Wantagh High School, with an educational campaign spearheaded by the general organization. 

The morning announcements every Monday and Friday in April include facts and myths about autism spectrum disorder. Additionally, students and staff learn about the accomplishments of different celebrities who are on the autism spectrum.

High school student government members, under the direction of adviser Chris Nyberg, created an autism acceptance month display in the well-traveled hallway past the cafeterias, with blue balloons, posters and fact sheets, as well as information about those celebrities. It also featured the two symbols associated with autism awareness – the puzzle piece and the infinity sign. 

The puzzle piece has been the recognized symbol for decades, reflecting the mystery and complexity of autism spectrum disorder. The infinity sign is a newer visual representation to celebrate the endless possibilities and often untapped potential of each autistic individual.

“It’s really important that we become inclusive as a whole school,” said student government representative Sean Browne. “General organization represents everyone and no one should feel left out.”

Principal Dr. Guzzone added that he is very proud of the general organization for its efforts to promote acceptance and awareness at Wantagh High School, and commends them for their efforts to educate the entire student body.


WHS Autism Acceptance

WHS Autism Acceptance