Fun and Fellowship for Wantagh Freshmen

Fun and Fellowship for Wantagh Freshmen

From the tug-of-war to relay races, freshmen field day at Wantagh High School on Sept. 17 featured many familiar events as well as some new games designed to foster teamwork. Ninth graders spent their morning on the back field bonding as class and earning points for their teams.

Students represented either the black team or the gold team as they competed in about a dozen events. In toilet paper toss, two teams competed to see who could get the most rolls into a plastic bin topped off with a toilet seat. On the tennis courts, each team had to find matching socks in a laundry bin and be the first to pin them all to the net. For the shoe relay race, students had to leave their footwear in a hula hoop on the ground, then run down one by one to put them back on and rejoin their teammates. 

Social worker Iris Kline said this was the third time the school has held freshmen field day and it has been very successful. She explained that the day was all about camaraderie and strengthening bonds in a class that will be together for the next four years at Wantagh High School. 

“We want them to see themselves as connected together,” she said. “We want them to have a level of respect for each other and have each other’s backs.”

Students also took part in a meditation session in the gym to learn some relaxation techniques. The Wantagh 6-12 Association provided a pizza lunch for students, and high school administration provided ice cream. Student leaders from the upper grades ran the field day events.