WMS Seventh and Eighth Grade Grading Policy

Wantagh Middle School

Social Studies Department 

Seventh and Eighth Grade Grading Policy

September 2022

Grading Policy


Grade Book Categories and Percentages

60% - Assessments

30% - Assignments

10% - Student Engagement

Midterm Weight

One test grade in the Assessments category for the second marking period

Final Exam Weight

11% of the year’s GPA

Dropping of Grades Policy

No dropping of grades.

Lateness Policy

Any graded assignment turned in late will be graded based on the quality of the assignment as completed by the student.


Late assignments will result in points deducted from the Student Engagement grade, not the assignment grade.  Late work must be submitted prior to the conclusion of one (1) six-day cycle following the scheduled submission date of the work, after which time the work will be given a grade of zero.

Extra Credit Policy

No extra credit will be offered.

Student Engagement Grade Weight

Student Engagement will be measured by attentiveness: adherence to class rules, contributions to class, collaboration, preparedness, and/or assignment completion.



Other Considerations

Any form of cheating/plagiarism will not be tolerated. All assignments must be written in your own words. Any person involved in any form of cheating or plagiarizing will be given a grade of zero for the assignment in question and disciplinary action will be taken according to the school’s Academic Integrity Policy.