Ready to Meet New Academic Challenges

Ready to Meet New Academic Challenges

Wantagh Middle School faculty and parents joined in celebrating the advancement of 219 eighth grade students, who will meet more rigorous academic challenges upon entrance into the high school, during the annual 2021 Crossing Over Ceremony on June 15. For the first time, the exercises were held on the school’s front lawn during two separate functions.  

After students Juliette Azzariti, Emma Burns, Ryan McGlade and Julianna Tsempelis led the Pledge of Allegiance, Isabella Kugal, Aditya Pasricha, Gabriel Avitabile, Michael Avitabile, Bridget Toscano, Alexandra Gaal, Skylar Mondelli, Ashlee Fucarino and Catherine Russo reflected on their memories of middle school and speculated on the challenges and opportunities at the high school.  

Principal Anthony Ciuffo remarked that he and the faculty are thrilled to be able to celebrate the Crossing Over Ceremony in-person, outdoors and with Wantagh Middle School as the backdrop. He also encouraged the graduates to make a difference in another person’s life.  

“It is important to remember that money is spent, accolades fade but people who make a difference stay in your heart always,” Mr. Ciuffo said. “You all have the power to create your own legacy, achieve greatness and always be remembered for making a positive difference in the lives of others.” 

After the celebratory speeches concluded, Assistant Principal Dr. Stephanie Scolieri called the names of the students one-by-one as they walked across the dais to receive their certificates from Mr. Ciuffo.