Wantagh HS VEI Students at LI Trade Show

Wantagh HS VEI Students Exhibit at LI Trade Show
Trade Show

Wantagh High School’s Virtual Enterprise International students exhibited their company Bagonizer, which sells customizable bags with organizers, at the annual Long Island Regional Trade Show and at the VE National Online Trade Show during the semester. During the Long Island event, Bagonizer generated more than $15,000 in sales, followed by $500,000 in sales at the national forum. 

The Long Island Regional Trade Show and National Online Trade Show were sponsored by Virtual Enterprises, a national educational nonprofit that provides more than 16,500 students with the opportunity to create and run virtual business ventures in 430 schools across the nation. Participants in the program create a business together, role-play corporate positions, conduct transactions with other simulated businesses, attend trade shows. The simulated businesses that attended trade shows also connected with students, firms and industry professionals and facilitated sales of virtual products and services through video conference sales sessions. 

Admission to the trade shows were free of charge and provided guests with virtual credit cards used to purchase student products and services. Through trade booths created on Zoom, Google Meet  and other online platforms, students spoke with buyers in real time about their businesses. 

Bagonizer CEO Grace Kane explained that the trade shows are fun and a great learning experience. “The trade shows are a great way to interact with other VE students and firms around the nation,” Grace said.