Tops in World Languages

Tops in World Languages
World Language Honor Society Induction Student Honorees

Although the official ceremony was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Wantagh High School celebrated the accomplishment of 63 foreign language students who were inducted into the World Language Honor Society this spring. Honor society officers Katherine Mazzer (president), Timothy Migliaro (vice president), Matt Devine (secretary), Travis Minutoli (treasurer), Alyssa Lombardo (Italian trustee) and Celine Lopez (Spanish trustee) organized the event, which honors the accomplishments of juniors enrolled in pre-Advanced Placement and level 4H World Language classes who have acquired a 90 GPA or higher in grades 8-10 and in the first two quarters of their junior year combined. The students also submitted essays in the language studied and met the high school’s criteria for conduct. 

Adviser Franco A. Zagari said this year’s program would have included keynote speakers and seniors Abigail Colaco and Athena Yao, who planned on speaking about their experiences in World Language and recent studies abroad. Also planned were two musical interludes, including  musicians and singers James Degnan, Katriana Koppe, Keira Orgass and Robert Spiteri. Additionally, scheduled for the end of the program was a surprise tribute to retiring World Languages/ENL/Business Chairperson Patricia Calosso.

“We congratulate her on an incredible career and for bringing and keeping World Languages at the forefront of Wantagh’s academics,” Mr. Zagari said.

As part of tradition, the World Languages Department recognizes seniors who excelled in the study of Spanish and Italian throughout their high school careers. Travis Minutoli received the Senior Award for Excellence in Italian, and Olivia Vinson won the Senior Award for Excellence in Spanish. Also recognized were seniors who completed work for the New York State Seal for Biliteracy. To earn this award, a senior must have completed a research project, performed in the language of study and presented to Ms. Calosso and world language faculty. Seniors who received this designation include Abigail Colaco (Spanish), Jacob Chan (Spanish), Julia Ferrara (Italian), Jenna Miller (Spanish), Kaitlin Steingruebner (Spanish) and Athena Yao (Spanish).

The District congratulates the following inductees:

Italian: Grace Ackermann, Samantha Allan, Kyle Anderson, Gianna Barberio, Scott Bindell, Rylee Brower, Charlotte Brunjes, Adriana Caiozzo, Gina Calise, Sabrina Caruso, Amanda Ciaramella, Mya Cocchiola, Julia Coppola, Olivia Corwin, Ashley Crispyn, Sierra Crowley, Emily DeRupo, Bianca Falco, Nicole Frascatore, Juliana Innella, Elizabeth Katz, Anna Kranis, Jake Latsko, Keira Loccisano, Michael Minars, Michael Montanile, Leena Moussa, Christopher Murale, Gabriella Nogara, Gabriella Pettinato, Nicolette Piscopo, Karlie Rizzi, Dominick Rossi, Allison Russo, Aiden Tietz Annie Troy.

Spanish: Aidan Araoz, Jillian Balkunas, Eric Benedetto, Tyler Burzenski, Hanna Carey, Danielle Colucci, Lauren Daniels, Emma Degnan, Julia Enella, Margaret Gates, Grace Kane, Carolyn Greaves, Catherine Hanauer, Kaden Ireland, Allison McGinn, Emma Merro, Christina Minerva, Katherine Mullane, Dylan Reich, Alexa Salerno, Kassidy Samaroo, Daniel Sanchez, Shannon Sullivan, Robert Spiteri, Kaitlyn Taggart, Jack Thiry and Melanie Volz