A/V Equipment Request

A/V Equipment Request Form

A/V Equipment Request Form

Wantagh High School Audio Visual Department
AV Equipment Request Form
Contact email: [email protected]
Contact phone: 516-679-6464

1. Name of Organization:*

2. Name of Person Responsible for Arrangements (Contact Person):*

3. E-mail Address of Contact Person:*
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4. Phone Number of Contact Person:
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5. Date Equipment is Needed:*
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6. Date Equipment is to be Returned:
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7. Time of Day Equipment is First Needed:*
(Please indicate the time when the equipment is needed.)

8. Please Indicate Each Item Needed:*
(Please specify the number of items needed, when relevant.)

LCD Projector
Overhead Projector
CD Player
Ext. Cord(s)#
Tech Support#

9. Please note any additional comments below.

For requirements or equipment not listed above, please contact the AV Department [email protected] or 516-679-6464.

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