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Elementary Reading/ELA

Response to Intervention (RtI) Model

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Elementary RtI Model 2011-12

Wantagh MS English and Reading Teachers Promote Summer Reading with their "Every Hero has a Story" Video

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Wantagh Middle School Reading Teachers Collaborate With Scholastic Editors

The four reading teachers at WMS have been using Scholastic's Scope magazine as part of their curriculum for several years. They are huge fans of the monthly publication and love all of the high-interest texts and resources that are offered with their subscription. Mrs. Bonnie Hersch responded to a blog written by Ms. Kristin Lewis, Executive Editor of Scope, which asked for feedback about the magazine as well as an opportunity to make a school visit to see how the magazines are being utilized in classrooms. After some correspondence between Ms. Lewis and Mrs. Hersch, a visit was arranged for May 13th at WMS. Kristin and one of her senior editors, Ms. Adee Braun, observed two reading classes using the magazine: one of Mrs. Carol Rhein's 7th grade classes and one of Mrs. Hersch's 7th grade classes. Kristin and Adee then sat with the four reading teachers, including Mrs. Jennifer Holden and Mrs. Antoinette Bruno, as well as with supervisor Nicole Waldbauer, for a debriefing session. They had a very productive meeting where many ideas were discussed, and both editors were extremely impressed with what they observed in the reading classrooms. The reading teachers are hoping to stay in touch with Kristin Lewis for future opportunities.

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Wantagh Elementary Schools Celebrate "Primetime Reading Night"

By Diana DeLauro

On March 2nd, Wantagh elementary students and their families joined at the Wantagh Elementary School for a night of reading fun. Sponsored by the Wantagh PTA, Primetime Reading Night kicks off March's Parents as Reading Partners (PARP) program. During the month of March, students will earn reading incentives from local merchants including Hershey's Ice cream, Wantagh Lanes, United Skates, and Town Bagel for participating in the program by reading each week.

Physical Education Teacher Mr. David Sposito kicked off Primetime Reading with a game of "Hot Spot Basketball." Afterward participants gathered their beanbag chairs, sleeping bags, pillows and blankets to create a comfortable reading spot in the gymnasium.

Mrs. Heidi Felix, PARP chairperson for PTA council, and English Language Arts Director Rebecca Chowske then welcomed the families to the Prime Time Reading Night as they introduced this year's PARP topic, The Big, Beautiful Earth.

Mrs. Amy Sue McPartlan and her National Art Honor Society students created and presented their screenplay "Carlton," which was based on a reading selection from the high school's award-winning literary magazine, Escapades. Following the performance, the Wantagh High School students introduced themselves. They also spoke of their personal experiences with reading and involvement in extra-curricular activities. Students then were treated to a craft session and an ice cream party.

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Bonuso, and Dr. Appiarius, Assistant to the Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, took part in the initiative; each of them brought their personal reading choices for the silent reading time.

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Mission Statement

The Reading Department of Wantagh Public Schools seeks to develop readers who can flexibly and independently process written language for meaning, to the highest degree possible to foster a literate society that uses reading as a tool for self-fulfillment and life long learning.

Student Outcomes

  • Be able to communicate clearly, precisely, and concisely.
  • Be able to read fluently, efficiently, and with understanding for a wide variety of purposes, including technical reading.
  • Be able to speak with skill for a wide variety of purposes and to a wide variety of audiences.
  • Be able to write with skill for a wide variety of purposes including technical writing, and to a wide variety of audiences.
  • Be able to listen with skill for a wide variety of purposes.
  • Be able to apply higher order thinking to the communications process.
  • Be able to relate literature to oneself and appreciate literature which represents many viewpoints (gender, culture, race, ethnic background).
  • Be able to use technology for communication.

Performance Goals

The Reading Department, K-12, aligns its curriculum with the NYS English language Arts standards. Wantagh 's students will be able to read, write, listen and speak for:

  • Information and understanding
  • Literary response and expression
  • Critical analysis and evaluation
  • Social interaction

Reading teachers in all buildings and at all grade levels reinforce skills and strategies necessary for reading in the content areas as well a reading for personal interest and enjoyment. On-going communication between the reading teachers and classroom teachers and other support personnel ensure targeted, effective lessons. A variety of texts and materials are utilized to capture the interests and abilities of all students.