Pupil personnel services

"Making a difference, one child at a time."
Pupil Personnel Services supports the district's commitment to excellence and strives to prepare all of our students for a productive and fulfilling life.

 Jeanne Love
Director, Pupil Personnel Services, ENL, and Central Registration

CSE and CPSE Chairperson

Dr. Melissa Bennett, Psy.D

 Elementary IEP Coordinator 

CPSE Chairperson

School Psychologist








Nicole Friedman

Elementary CSE Chairperson

School Psychologist




Iris McNulty-Kline

Homeless Liaison and HS Social Worker


 Nicole Braithwaite and  Iris McNulty-Kline

COVID Mental Health Coordinators



Agnes Ramos

Secondary IEP Coordinator

 CSE Chairperson 

School Psychologist


Transition Services

The Wantagh School District's transition team is comprised of members of the guidance, special education, psychology, social work and related service staff. The team collaborates closely with parents and agencies to ensure post-secondary success for all of our students.

Our clerical staff is available to assist you!
Cheryl Pav
 Elementary and Middle School Education (516) 781-1452

Annie Newbery, Pre-school and High School Education (516)-781-3762
PPS Accounting Clerk:
Cathy St. George
Fax (516) 781-5165

Central Registration, Maggie Santagato (516) 781-3780

The PPS Office is located in the Wantagh UFSD Administrative Offices
3301 Beltagh Ave.
Wantagh, New York