College Fair September 29, 2020

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SUNY College Fair, September 29, 2020

SUNY College Fair October 1, 2020  SUNY College Fair October 2, 2020

NACAC College Fairs

Seniors: follow us on Instagram (@WHS Guidance & Counseling) for information regarding virtual college visits! Zoom links will be sent to your Naviance email.

Marist: 9/22

Delaware: 9/24

Boston University: 9/28

Ohio State: 10/1

South Carolina: 10/5

Binghamton: 10/6

Geneseo: 10:7

Hofstra: 10/27

Alabama: 11/3

Virtual College Tours

Virtual College Visits

Information regarding the PSAT  is available now, and information on the upcoming October SAT will be on the website soon. 

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Tips for preparing to take the ACT and SAT

How would my SAT score translate to an ACT score?

Some Colleges are Waiving SAT and ACT Requirements

AP Students: Instructions for paying for your AP exams can be found here.

Here are the Financial Aid Night Slides.

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