Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
 Marc Ferris

Dr. Marc Ferris

Welcome to the Office of Curriculum & Instruction: 

We are Working Hard to Make a Difference in the Lives of Your Children!

What kind of education does your child deserve? I often ask myself that question as my own children head off to school each morning. As I watch that yellow school bus pull away, I wonder, “What kind of life do I hope they will live when they leave my home in the not so distant future?”

I want my children and your children to engage in learning that is meaningful to them. When they become adults, I want them be inspired to make a positive difference in the community where they choose to reside and I want our children to find a career path that provides them with joy, happiness, and a sense of purpose. I also want them to be engaged and interested in learning as citizens and community members, fully able to secure their financial futures.

So the challenge for my office is this: How can our school system systematically and effectively prepare your children for the kind of life they deserve, the one that you as a parent want for them? 

The Wantagh School District Office of Curriculum and Instruction is fully committed to working with our teachers, principals, and instructional staff to provide outstanding learning experiences for your children. We intend to deliver results in the form of well-designed professional development programs for our teaching staff that supports all students in meeting their greatest potential. We also intend to develop high quality curriculum from kindergarten through grade twelve that is impactful, inspiring, and aligned with the values of the Wantagh community. 

If you have any questions about our programs or the work we are doing with our instructional staff for your children, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 679-6302 or by email. As your Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, I am excited about the work, challenges, and successes that lie ahead for all of us.


Dr. Marc Ferris
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
Wantagh UFSD